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I specialise in mobile, Remedial, sports, myo-fascial release, acupressure, shiatsu and relaxation.


I practice Chiron Healing, Orion Healing, Reiki.


Acrylic and mixed medium.

My wealth of knowledge and practice in massage makes me one of the most well-known and popular massage therapists in Noosa. I also specialise in energy healing for a more subtle  body, mind and spirit alignment. This can address years of layered tension that can be impossible to treat usually. For more information regarding my services please contact me on 0414855667.

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Clint Smith's Noosa Massage is a local remedial and energy-balancing business based in Noosaville, consisting of Clint Smith proprietor, and a variety of on-call therapists, who complement the high quality approach designed to restore and relax visitors and locals alike. Clint's knowledge, experience and practice in massage therapy makes him one of the most popular and respected therapists in Noosa.

In his 20+ years as a massage therapist, Clint has worked alongside Chiropractors, Osteopaths and Physio's, adding to his appreciation of treatments and therapies, as well as creating a solid base for referrals if required.

In this time he has completed various diplomas in remedial massage, sports injury treatments, shiatsu, lymphatic drainage and myo-fascial release techniques. He has taught, and teaches massage workshops, having experience working within the T.A.F.E. colleges of yesteryear.  

He has worked with elite athletes , including the Australian Wallabies Rugby Union Team whilst on training camps when they were based in Caloundra, Paralympic Sunshine Coast team @ the Sunshine Coast Uni , Australian and Canadian Olympic Swimming team squads whilst in Noosa in training camps. He is still is involved with helping out one of our local Olympic aspirants  Nick Sloman. 

Clint also specialises in energy healing, including chakra- balancing, polarity therapy, Reiki, Orion and Chiron healing, all designed for a more subtle body, mind and spirit alignment. Energy-balancing sessions can often address years of layered tension that can be very difficult to address with conventional therapy or medicine. Trapped stress & emotions are often left stuck within our fascia or connective tissue, adding to unaddressed problems.

For more information regarding these services contact Clint on 0414855667



Clint Smith


0414 855 667

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