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Energy Medicine In Noosa

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

Energy medicine has been around for decades, and has increased in popularity, ( similarly to acupuncture), as more people are seeking deeper awareness and answers to keep their lives in 'balance'.

Energy healing restores harmony within the body's natural energy fields. W e have measurable energy fields within our electrical, lymphatic and nerve pathways, just to name a few, which if challenged or compromised, can create havoc, or lead to illness.

The therapies used are non-invasive, and only do as much as the client is comfortable with at any given time. (A treatment can be performed with the patient fully clothed; although many people opt for a combined massage / energy healing i.e. neck muscle tightness relief with an energy healing).

By cleansing stale energy, whether it is contained within the muscles, fascia and tendons , cerebrospinal fluid, or, in the unseen energy systems, (much like the meridians, as in acupuncture), you can free yourself of negative emotions. This invites health in general; enhancing fresh, positive energy back into the being.

Conditions Energy Healing Can Help:

* Stress * Anxiety * Depression * Chronic Pain * Fear / Phobias * Headaches

* Colds/Flu * Digestive issues * Fatigue * Trauma * Allergies * Nerve pain * Insomnia * increase in energy and well-being

Over the past 30 years, Clint has studied/practiced many forms of 'Energy Healing' , two levels in Reiki , Chiron & Orion Healing , Pellowah healing , and , like most practitioners, he's added his own blend to each treatment.

A treatment can be usually around 40 mins, on its own or, you can combine massage with an energy healing for added sensory experience.

Prices --- chakra / body balance (energy healing) = 40 mins. / $60

--- combination -- relax / or remedial massage & body balance

= 75 mins / $100 or 100 mins / $150

(above prices are for ' home-clinic consults)


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