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Spring 2023 Special

☆ Spring Special ☆

As an introductory SPECIAL for the months of September, October and November 2022 , is offering some specials aimed at getting you ready for the busy Summer months ahead.


We've recently added some additions in the form of devices which help re- align the mind , body and spirit.,working on the subtle ,energy chakras and meridians, ( energy pathways ), which transverse the body, and ,when in a state of imbalance, can cause plenty of challenges .

○ headaches ○ tight muscles ○ irritability

○ gut issues ○ hormonal issues , all can benefit from energy healing .

We have a device , the ITERACARE wand , which uses blue light and scalar frequencies to assist in re- aligning / re calibrating the meridians as well as the chakras of the body .

The lymphatic system gets a well deserved clean out as well, Westend to accumulate toxins easily nowadays , and a sluggish immune system is not what we are desiring!

The treatments :--

40 mins --- ( basic / intro treatment )

designed to start the cleaning out

+ re balancing

= $60

60 mins ---- ( as above ,but includes some more hands-- on work )

= $ 80

90 mins -- ( as above, but includes , massage , which can calm the nervous system -- as well as a addressing physical challenges )

= $110

☆ its recommended that these treatments , whether the basic , or more involved ,be followed up at least for three to four sessions for optimal relief , sometimes the body takes time to unlock years of tension or trauma .

Look fwd to seeing you soon.

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